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Our COVID Safe Plan

Please download, sign and email the COVID Safe Plan pdf.

Business Name: in2projects Pty Ltd
Site Locations: 288 Richardson Street ,Middle Park and 76 Harold Street Middle Park
Contact Person: Rodney cox
Contact person phone: 0422383391
Date Prepared: 05/08/2020

No unexpected visitors or walk ins allowed on in2projects premises under any circumstances. All visitors must be by prior arrangement.


Masks must be worn at all times – NO mask NO entry.


All visitors must report to site office to sanitize hands upon entry and sign in and out in the logbook provided.


Any workers who can, are working from home.


All on site staff are to always be wearing masks and keeping required social distance at all times.


All workspaces in shared areas comply with the on worker per four square meter guidelines.


Delivery drivers to to call prior to arrange drop off to ensure social distance with site staff


All common touch surfaces are cleaned and sprayed down daily.


Sanitizer available all throughout site for all staff to utilize as required.


All site personal are responsible for the cleaning and wiping down of their own tools / equipment and personal items as required multiple times throughout the day.


All staff are updated and frequently informed/reminded of all requirements as they come to hand and encouraged to go above and beyond in regard to cleaning and personal hygiene.


Hand washing and COVID safe signs are placed all around to encourage strong personal hygiene protocols.


All required site safety PPE and tools are not shared, all staff have their own items.


Site staff meal breaks are staggered to ensure social distance and square meterage guidelines are adhered to at all times.


Any worker who is unwell in any way must stay home and obtain doctors clearance prior to returning to work.


Any staff with even the mildest of COVID symptoms must be tested and remain at home until the results are received and must provide doctors clearance prior to returning to work.


If we believe any staff is unwell, they will be sent home immediately.


In the event that a staff member tests positive to COVID-19, this will be immediately reported to DHHS, Work Safe, Health and Safety Representatives and all work place staff and any visitors who have attended our site in the 14 days prior to the positive test . Our premises will then be closed for a deep clean to be carried out and all information provided to relevant authorities for tracking and tracing and we will then re-open once we have confirmation it is safe for us to do so.